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Community Involvement in Kitchener and Surrounding Areas

Do you have a passion for car racing but can’t find a sponsor for a race car in Kitchener? Discount Auto Wreckers offers sponsorship for passionate car drivers and racing enthusiasts to help them. With excellent quality auto parts, we can help you with races like Hubby Track, Derby, and more. 

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we believe in giving back to our community. Sponsoring race cars is our way of doing that. By providing racers with quality motor parts in Kitchener and surrounding areas, we not only reduce their expenses, but hope to help them exercise their hobby more. 

Helping Local Fire Stations With Right Solutions

  • In order to help local firefighters, we provide used vehicles for the extrication training on new fireman recruits. 
  • Extrication is an important part of the firefighter’s job and we are happy to help. We do so by allowing the fire department to use our old vehicles for the duration of the training. 
  • We feel strongly that providing those vehicles for training purposes is a worthy cause-related investment in our community’s safety.
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